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Industry knowledge

Coconut shell activated carbon

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Coconut shell activated carbon, with high quality coconut shell as raw material, through a series of production process and refined processing. Coconut shell activated carbon appearance is black, granular, with pore developed, good adsorption performance, high strength, easy to regenerate, economic and durable advantages, but because of coconut shell origin and other problems, the price is higher than conventional wood activated carbon.


Products are mainly used for drinking water, purified water, wine, beverage, industrial sewage purification, decolorization, dechlorination, deodorization; It can also be used for the removal of thiols in the oil refining industry.


Coconut shell activated carbon coconut shell raw material to produce high quality activated carbon, it is a kind of irregular particles broken carbon, high strength, for repeated regeneration after saturation, high adsorption capacity, low resistance is its distinctive features, this kind of products are widely used in fixed bed or fluidized bed, widely used in the central water purifier, drinking water, industrial water decolorization, deodorization and removal of organic matter, residual chlorine.


Real and false coconut shell activated carbon identification method

Because coconut shell activated carbon than coal activated carbon cost is much higher, and the finished activated carbon material is generally not easy to be recognized by the general public. Often illegal sellers on the market to use consumers can not identify the weakness of the material, with coal activated carbon fake coconut shell activated carbon sales, whether civil or industrial fields, this phenomenon is more serious.


Here are a few simple ways to tell them apart

 1, coconut shell activated carbon belongs to the nut shell activated carbon category, its main characteristics are small density, feel light, the weight in the hand is significantly lighter than coal activated carbon. The same weight of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon volume is generally greater than coal activated carbon.

 2, coconut shell activated carbon shape is generally broken granular, flake, and forming activated carbon, such as column, spherical activated carbon, mostly coal carbon.

 3, because of coconut shell activated carbon density is small, feel is light, so you can put the active carbon in the water, coal quality carbon sink generally faster, and coconut shell activated carbon floating in the water for longer periods of time, as the saturated activated carbon adsorption of water molecules, increase its weight will gradually sink entirely, when activated carbon sink after all, will see each activated carbon is wrapped in a small bubble outside, Crystal clear and very interesting.

 4, coconut shell activated carbon for small molecular pore structure, the activated carbon into the water, the adsorption of water particles when the air will produce many very small blisters (the naked eye can just see), dense constantly floating to the surface. The coal activated carbon is generally macromolecular pore structure, resulting in relatively large bubbles.

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