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"Comet type fiber filter material

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"Comet type fiber filter material", figuratively said that is - granular filter material like a comet dragging a long "tail" - fiber. The filter material is characterized by a loose bundle of filaments at one end, also known as the "tail," and a dense nucleus at the other end. When filtering, THE dense "comet nucleus" plays the role of compacting the filament bundles, and because the size of "comet nucleus" is small, it has little influence on the uniformity of the porosity distribution of the filter section, thus improving the fouling capacity of the filter bed. It has the advantages of high precision of fiber filter material filtration and large amount of intercepting, and has the advantages of high cleaning degree of particle filter material backwashing and less water consumption, forming a kind of new filter material.

Comet fiber filter material has a broad prospect in filtration technology and water treatment. The efficient water treatment system composed of three key technologies, such as the filter material and related filtration technology, has the international advanced level. The filter material is a kind of new filter material formed by combining the characteristics of good intercepting performance of fiber filter material with the characteristics of good backwashing effect of particle filter material. The most prominent feature is the asymmetric structure and the fractal structure, with this material as the core of the type D d-type filter tank, filter, solved the high speed, high precision filter and carrying amount, the unification of the big three problems, has a wide area, the characteristics of variable speed, adaptive and efficient filtration precision greater than 5 microns, recommend the filter velocity 17-23 meters/hour, The residual sludge rate is less than 1-2%, and the fouling capacity of the filter bed reaches 15-35kg /m3. Compared with the traditional sand filter, the volume is reduced by 1/2-1/3, and the backwash water consumption is reduced by 2/3-1/2.

The size of comet fiber filter material was determined by experimental study, and the appropriate size was: φ2.2×0.4×(35~40)(diameter of comet nucleus × diameter of filament bundle × length of comet tail). The national 863 scientific and technological achievements, the production of the comet type fiber filter material service life is longer than ordinary fiber ball 1-2 times, and not easy to disperse, filtration precision is higher, backwash easier, in the aspect of filtration and water treatment has broad prospects, fiber ball filter material is composed of fibers tie, it compared with the traditional rigid particle filter material has elasticity effect is good, Not on the surface of the water, large void, long working cycle, small head loss and other advantages. In the filtration process, the filter layer void along the direction of water gradually smaller, more in line with the ideal filter material from the upper small pores published, high efficiency, fast filter speed (20-85m/h) intercepting capacity, filtering effect is good, renewable, the filter material has high water quality, remove suspended matter in the water, with flexible medium, can be compressed, easy to reduce; Loose above and dense below; Moderate proportion, easy backwashing, less water consumption; Chemical fiber material, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages, widely used in deep technology direct filtration filtration equipment.

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