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White Poly Aluminum Chloride
White Poly Aluminum Chloride
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White PAC is a white or milky white powdery fine powder prepared by spray drying of aluminum hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid. It is easily melted in the air.


1.The content of AL2O3 is high, ≥29.5%;

2.The basicity of salt is low, only 50%, compared with 90% of ordinary PAC;

3.The water insoluble matter is less than 0.3%, compared with 2% of ordinary PAC;

4.The color is white and pure, except for AL+, it does not contain any heavy metals. After the product water, the aqueous solution is clear and transparent, without any color, and the ordinary polyaluminum aqueous solution is yellow or brown in color.

5. Low iron content, low temperature and easy to dissolve


1. It is mainly used for the treatment of drinking water, industrial water, oilfield refilling water, circulating cooling water and various sewage (such as urban domestic sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, papermaking sewage, steel plant sewage, etc.);

2, paper sizing precipitant, sugar bleaching clarifying agent;

3, used in tanning, medicine, cosmetics and precision casting and other fields;

Technical parameter





White powder

      Al2O3 Content




      Mass fraction of Insoluble


      PH value(%aqueous solution)


      Mass fraction oof Fe/%


     Mass fraction oof As/%


     Mass fraction oof Pb/%


    Mass fraction oof Cd/%



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