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Honeycomb Activated Carbon
Honeycomb Activated Carbon
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Honeycomb activated carbon has a relatively large area, microporous structure, high adsorption capacity, high surface activated carbon products, and is widely used in air pollution control. The pollutants that can be removed are: nitrogen oxide, carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, benzene, diformaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, diethyl ether, methanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, styrene, phosgene, malodorous gas, and the like. The modified honeycomb activated carbon impregnated with a chemical reagent can remove: acid mist, alkali mist, amine, mercaptan, sulfur dichloride, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercury, carbon monoxide, dioxins, and the like.

Technical Parameter:




Flat   surface, no cracks

Main   components

Activated   carbon,


Normal,   water resistant

Compressive   strength

Greater   than 0.8MPa


50*50*100mm,   100*100*100mm

Use   temperature

Less   than 400℃

Hole   density

100   holes/square inch, 150 holes/square inch

Empty   tower wind speed

0.8   m / s

specific   surface area

more   than 700 square / gram


Other specification could be customized according to customers’ requirements.


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